Wednesday, June 8, 2005


In Honor of Finals Week...

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Saved this from the Aggie, it always made me laugh even during finals

one more thing worth looking at and finals related...yes another BBC article

Friday, June 3, 2005

Happy Friday

A story/interpretation by Sofia Ahmad

ik dhin ik vadah sara munda see magr udhee shakal buree budhsoorat valee see....saray lokee oonoo kendhay see kay jidho thoosee paydhah hoy see, doctor nay thenoo gira dhita see...kahanee dhay vich ik ghada see, thay oh bhoth mazakee see...saray lokee noo hunsa dhindha. thay ik lord farquard hondha hai thay oh upnay ab noo vadee cheez samaj dha hai..oh shandar shehr bananah chanda hai, laykn oh boodhoo hai or banah nahee sakhdha.shrek, budhsoorat bundha, ik koree, fiona, noo pyaar kardha hai. jidho oh onoo vayk dha hai, oodha dhil dharak dha nai. shrek thay fiona pyaar kardhay nay dhoosray noo.

fiona veee baree cheez hegee...oh kadhee kadhee khubsurat hondhee hai, oh kadhee kadhee mitee say vee budhsoorat hondhee hai..anyhoo, kee hondha hai akhree dhay vich, shrek thay fiona shaadi shoodha ho jan dhay nay...or fihr sequel andha nai...dun dun dun!

watch this space for the exciting conclusion!
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