Friday, October 14, 2005

OPEN Silicon Valley - Earthquake Resource

OPEN Silicon Valley

every little thing helps.....if you have the time, send out a letter, it could help....

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Happy Birthday Samia!

Hope the next year is more eventful, thanks for all the great times...

Monday, October 10, 2005

Saved by a Heartbeat

Daily Times - Site Edition


فَأَخَذَتْهُمُ الرَّجْفَةُ فَأَصْبَحُواْ فِي دَارِهِمْ جَاثِمِينَ

So the Earthquake took them unawares, and they lay prostrate in their homes in the morning!

Earthquake Relief

As-salaamalaikum all,

This email is in regards to the relief fund for the earth quake in Pakistan. Major areas affected are more in the northern areas (poor rural areas). Knowing the poor response of government officials and leading NGOs we are trying to hold this relief effort at a personal level.

We are arranging few trucks to send relief supplies to Mansehra and Abbotabad (remote villages affected severely by the earth quake) area by the end of this week (14th October 2005). We personally know these people and these people are going themselves to these areas to make sure that the supplies reach the right people. What we need is warm clothing, blankets, tents, socks, food supplies like milk cartons, biscuits, rus, sugar, flour, daal or anything. If you are not able to arrange for these things you may send the money and we will buy the supplies ourselves and send it.

Please contact any of the following people if you wish to send any donations, or supplies.

For all the people who cannot donate supplies but are willing to contribute money, we are also in a process of creating a bank account that can be used for any people to wire money.

Sabeen Zehra Kazmi 03009729799
House # 239-B/1, Street # 23, F-11/2, Islambad, Pakistan

Hina Kaleem Barlas 03009566760
House # 36, Street #29, F 8/1, Islamabad, Pakistan.

Nadir Viqar 03005100998

Faiza Khalid 03008563848

Saba Sartaj 03335243526

Please forward this message to other people who can contribute.


other places to donate:
islamic relief

Wednesday, October 5, 2005

Ramadan Mubark


kamran said to put this in my blog so check it out. Click on all the thumbnails to see how this works...its cool!
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