Monday, March 27, 2006

Happy Monday!

because Asma's hearts me...

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Friday, March 17, 2006

Happy Friday

And Happy St Patricks Day!

I forgot to wear green...I feel really left out...but my blog is green so I guess it's ok..

a: i heart superman.
a: hes my favorite super hero
a: after Amitabh of course
a: just kidding
a: s
E: no you're not

oh and here's a random picture too

Friday, March 10, 2006

If you're ever in London...

Pick this up! I got this at Heathrow, its a humorous essay on shopping with advice and tips for shopping-phobes.

I wish they had the Pocket Penguins series in the US, Penguin published 70 "books" (64pgs each) to celebrate its 70th birthday, most are essays or a collections of short stories by a wide range of authors ( Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Zadie Smith, F. Scott Fitzgerald)

It would be SO cool if someone were to be in the UK and get me the entire boxed set...

In pictures: Funny road signs

BBC NEWS | In Pictures | In pictures: Funny road signs

Tuesday, March 7, 2006


d: Hella Term used to indicate personal superiority. When spoken in conversation, the receiving party immediatley knows that the person saying the word is of a high class because of that person's NorCal roots.Thusly, if the receiver is not of the same geography and stature, negative emotions arise from envy. A primary example is that of the frustrated SoCal dweller who is frequently subjected to the mighty and humbling presence of NorCalers.Alternatively, Hella can alert other prestigious NorCalers that they are dealing with a higher species much like themselves.

NorCaler: "That was Hella cool!"
SoCaler: "Huh? Wha? Hella? That sounds dumb."
NorCaler: "No sir. You sir are Hella dumb. Good day."
SoCaler: "Oh yah. You're...dumbererer. Keanu rules!!"

Auto response from E: work...leave a message!

d: you should put that in you blog
E: who wrote that?
d: i dont know
E: where did you find it?
d: i saw it in a friends profile
d: in this guys (Rods) profile, he is from sac
d: you can say Rod wrote it

Tending to Muslim Hearts and Islam's Future

Tending to Muslim Hearts and Islam's Future - New York Times

MD Digger

Thursday, March 2, 2006


"Find Your Passion"

- dove wrapper message

Wednesday, March 1, 2006

Does God Love War?

DOES GOD LOVE WAR?: The Fine Line Between Faith and Fanaticism

with Chris Hedges and Hamza Yusuf

Date: Saturday, March 11th, 2006

Venue: Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School Auditorium
1781 Rose Street, Berkeley, CA 94704 (Free off-street parking)

Timing: 7:00pm (Doors open at 6:00pm | Reception/Book-signing 6:15-6:45pm

Admission: FREE (Please donate to support this Free event. DONATE HERE.)

Have the teachers of our religions failed us? Or have we not been listening? Does religion offer a way toward reconciliation, or has it instead become part of the problem? We invite you to join us for a FREE, enlightening conversation between Pulitzer Prize-winner Chris Hedges and the distinguished American-Muslim thinker and theologian, Hamza Yusuf.

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